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Making Sense of Adolescence 

8 weeks • 2.5 hours per session

The objective is to make sense of adolescents from inside out.

Every adolescent is an individual, but there are some common dynamics that affect all adolescents. Understanding what these dynamics are can provide the keys for knowing how to deal with the problems that may arise.

Topics include:

  • The psychological changes at puberty that impact adolescents and those that parent and work with them
  • How to deal with the premature loss of power and influence with an adolescent
  • The rites of passage that must be endured for the adolescent to mature
  • How to recognize when rebellion is healthy or a result of adults being replaced by peers
  • The psychological temptations faced by adolescents on their journey to maturity
  • How parents and teachers can avoid premature or forced retirement
  • The two alternate paths to adulthood and societal integration
  • How to preserve or restore one’s rightful place in an adolescent’s life
  • The dangers of peer-orientation in the life of an adolescent
  • How to differentiate between relationship problems and behaviour problems in the adolescent
  • The role of dissonance and internal conflict in the life of an adolescent
  • How to hold on without holding them back

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