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Making Sense of Aggression

4 weeks • 2.5 hours per session

What is at the root of your child’s aggressive behaviour? How can you intervene and address this aggression?

The key to making sense of aggression is to get past the violating behaviour to the emotional experience of the child and to what is missing in the child’s processing or functioning.

Course Objective:

  • To uncover the psychological roots of the aggression problem
  • To recognize aggression in its many forms
  • To provide a working model of aggression for purposes of assessment and intervention
  • To appreciate the roots of the gender differences in aggression
  • To learn to `read` aggression effectively
  • To reveal the role of the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex in aggression
  • To differentiate between incident management and developmental progress
  • To outline three basic steps towards addressing any aggression problem
  • To provide an appreciation of the inverse relationship between adaptation and aggression
  • To provide an understanding of why aggression is increasing among children and why aggression is a part of so many syndromes and disorders
  • To outline six pivotal points of intervention in the aggression problem
  • To provide an appreciation of why the conventional methods of behaviour management don`t work with aggression
  • To equip participants to handle personal attacks
  • To equip with strategies to help the immature grow out of their aggression problem

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