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Making Sense of Counterwill

4 weeks • 2.5 hours per session

Why does praise and reward sometimes backfire? How can you work with this misunderstood impulse in children?

Topics include:

  • The many faces of counterwill
  • The meaning of counterwill
  • How to differentiate between counterwill that is healthy and counterwill that is a sign of something amiss
  • A three-pronged approach to dealing with counterwill
  • Why praise and reward can backfire in some children
  • Why counterwill is normal in toddlers and preschoolers
  • Why the educational system provokes counterwill in our children
  • Why pervasive counterwill is a sign of attachment problems
  • How children usually grow out of counterwill
  • Why chronic counterwill is a sign of psychological immaturity
  • The importance of not taking counterwill personally
  • How to prevent and defuse counterwill in children
  • How to safeguard one`s relationship against the fallout from counterwill
  • How to avoid a battle of counterwill`s
  • How to differentiate between a child with a strong will and one with a strong counterwill
  • How to help children grow out of counterwill

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