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Power to Parent |: The Vital Attachment

8 weeks • 2.5 hours per session
What is the Vital Attachment?
How do you make parenting as easy and natural as possible?

This is a must-experience course and a thorough introduction to the material that follows.


  • To provide the conceptual underpinnings to natural intuition
  • To restore parents to their rightful place in their children`s lives
  • To provide a working model of attachment that is applicable to children of all ages and to bring the dynamic of attachment to consciousness
  • To make parenting as easy and natural as possible
  • To increase the ability of parents and professionals to think critically with regards to the parenting literature
  • To interpret the science of relationship to those most involved with children and bring parenting in line with this science
  • To cultivate an appreciation of developmental design and an ability to work in harmony with Nature`s blueprint
  • To foster methods of discipline that are attachment-friendly and developmentally safe
  • To reveal common parenting practices that are harmful (e.g., time-outs, using what children care about against them, working the incident, using force and coercion, pushing independence) and provide safe alternatives
  • To provide a model of professional involvement that does not erode the parent-child relationship

Topics include:

  • Dealing with resistance and oppositionality in children
  • Addressing the roots of aggression
  • Preventing being replaced by competing attachments
  • Disciplining in ways that do not divide
  • Addressing separation problems and anxieties
  • Raising children who are capable of deep and fulfilling relationships
  • Dealing with kids who seek to dominate instead of depend on their parents