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Power to Parent ||: Helping Children Grow Up

8 weeks • 2.5 hours per session
What does healthy maturation look like?
How can we encourage it and make room for it in our children?

This course builds on the material in Power to Parent 1: The Vital Connection.

Topics include:

  • What it means to `raise a child`
  • Nature`s role in maturation
  • The parent`s role in maturation
  • How to give children the rest they need to grow
  • How to provide more than is being pursued
  • How to fulfill a child`s attachment hunger
  • How to instill confidence in ourselves as providers
  • How to keep the connection safe and secure
  • How rest nurtures growth
  • How attachment gives birth to emergence
  • How to draw out emergent activity
  • How to give the room a child needs
  • How to get a child into the driver`s seat
  • How nature moves a child to adapt
  • Why some children lose their tears and what the cost is
  • What futilities children need to face
  • How to present futility to a child and draw out sadness
  • The natural solution to impulsiveness and egocentrism
  • When a child is truly ready for social interaction
  • The dangers of hurried parenting
  • Nature`s blueprint for building character
  • How to set the stage for mixed feelings
  • How to use `tempering` as a discipline technique
  • How to deal with the untempered child