East Kootenay Division of Family PracticeIt was fun, not brain drain.

Surprising outcome at the end.  Pulls together intangible thoughts into a visual image.  Powerful outcome and enjoyable process.

Jill - EKDFP

East Kootenay Division of Family PracticeI found the experience insightful, meaningful, relevant, important to build a strong base for our team in an ever-changing work environment.

Nancy - EKDFP

Dear Krystal,

On behalf of the EK CAPC team I wanted to write to thank you for the excellent workshop that you facilitated for us last week. I had very positive feedback from the Coordinators. They especially loved the Lego Serious Play aspect of the training. I thought that this allowed for some awesome discussions and really brought home the concepts that we explored that morning on CounterWill and Aggression. You were a gracious and knowledgeable host and we benefitted greatly from your presentation. I hope we can connect again for some more enlightenment.

Thanks again!


Candace Huscroft - Creston, BC

East Kootenay Division of Family PracticeKrystal Oleson of Life Roots Consulting helped our team by guiding and supporting us to relax, be creative and engage with one another.

Megan - EKDFP